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Chatbots, machine learning, AI.


Skynet-AI.com was developed to explore technologies to speed the creation of chatbots and AI products.


We have run a number of research projects to better understand Natural Language Processing issues and solutions.
We have achieved state of the art results for the Winograd Schema Challenge and 100% success rate on Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR) 20 bAbI AI tasks (TOWARDS AI-COMPLETE QUESTION ANSWERING: A SET OF PREREQUISITE TOY TASKS).



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Skynet-AI is a test bed for Chat bot and AI technology. An award winning chatbot, it has a robotic personality and attempts to engage as a conversational user interface. It includes a number of unique technologies (cascading search engine, advanced math, etc). It is know as the fastest chatbot and has successfully run on Smart Phones, PCs, Web TVs, and game consoles. The core is developed in JAIL (Javascript Artificial Intellgence Language).

My Intelligent Digital Grandmother Emulator

Midge was a 2017 finalist for the Lobner Prize (an annual Turing test). An off-line, stand-alone bot, she was created in a few months as a human emulator using JavaScript and Node.JS. Midge lost in the finals by 1 point.


Lisa/Katie competed for the Lobner Prize. Both were Python based bots. Lisa made it to the finals while Katie missed the finals by a fraction of a point.



Email: chatterbot at comcast.net

You can also communicate directly through the Skynet-AI bot.